Garden Wise services include:

Estate Management

We cover all aspects of estate management, grass cutting, garden maintenance, fencing, woodland management, leaf clearing, hedge laying and cutting, planting and weeding.

We have a large number of machines to tackle all sizes of estates.

Fencing Estate Management

Grass Cutting

We have various gang mower units, flails and toppers to tackle all areas of grass cutting including sports pitches and common land.

We can carry out all year maintenance for cricket tables including preparing wickets, winter and spring dressing.


Fencing Grass Cutting Godstone Green


We have a domestic team that cover all sizes of gardens, grass cutting, pruning, weeding, leaf clearance, feed and weed lawns, fertilise and scarification.


Fencing Clearing


All areas of landscaping are covered including patios, fencing, turfing, brick walls, driveways, planting, decking.

Our own hand built car ports, pergolas, sheds and summer houses are designed and built to your specifications.


Fencing Clearing
Car Port with roof tiles Patio building Tandridge

Hedge Laying & Coppicing

Hedge laying, a country skill typically found in the UK and Ireland which, through the creation and maintenance of hedges, achieves the formation of livestock proof barriers. It also rejuvenates existing hedgerows by encouraging new growth and gives a weather protection to crops and wildlife.

Coppicing, a traditional method of woodland management which takes advantage of the fact that many trees make new growth from the stump or roots if cut down.

Hedge Laying


We have tractor mounted aerovators, fertilising machines, overseeders, scarifying machines and harrowing machines to help improve maintenance and drainage of large and small grass areas.